16 years old, finalising his GCSE’s, deciding what to study in his sixth form. During those summer months is when Adams future took a major curve ball. Deciding to leave his current school in order to attend a local College in Stockport solely on the fact they had a photography course!

From then on is when Adams love for photography and seeing in print began.

After being a keen blader for years it was only natural that the two would merge together. Adam would document what him and his friends would get upto and it was only a matter of time before these images started gracing the pages of the magazines he bought as a kid.

Honing his skills and knowledge with every roll of Velvia he got back from the laboratory, Adams name as a photographer was spreading and he started travelling a lot more internationally to shoot with the worlds top pro’s and join them on many tours.

It has now been over a decade of travelling and touring for Adam and he has been fortunate enough to meet numerous people whom have allowed him to take his photography in many directions.

Adam now resides in Sydney as a freelance photographer.