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Friday, November 27th, 2009

So my photo ended up being used on the cover of the new conference magazine along with a shed load of others, so go grab a free copy from your nearest skateshop to check that out!

Also made this quick little winterclash promo at the slamm jamm back in October and an ‘eyes on the prize’ UK tour edit…..enjoy. All filmed on my new toy, 5dmk2.

Too Faded?

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

The DVD’s finally arrived and as its an absolute banger, making it even more of a pleasure to be distributing this fine peice of blading mastery! Customs and parcel force held their grubby mitts onto them for a week too long but they are being unleashed onto the Uk as we speak, so if you would like a copy, which i very much think you should, get on over to the kingdom online store or your local shop.

Below are a few photos (featured in the dvd, the last photo is a GIF so give it a clicky click) taken whilst i was hanging out with Lonnie and Brandon in LA and SF.


Friday, February 20th, 2009

So the winterclash has come and gone, so i thought i’d best post a few photos of our travels which were further than anticipated. Despite the park burning down the event was still alot of fun and i highly advise Antwerp to anyone, great city and from what i gathered a great sense of fashion.I picked up some new cameras whilst there too, a supersampler by lomo and also a Diana F with a 35mm back. So all these alongside my holga, expect to see some beauties soon, most likely from my California to Idaho trip arriving VERY soon, in the words of biggie ‘im going going, back back, to Cali Cali’ and i can’t bloody wait!

That car you see is Mike Wellands, Joe Coyne being the lazy man he is thought he’d get as close to the outdoor park as he could, so he drove onto grass and quickly realised he was in some form of marsh land and was quickly sinking.

I don’t know what was funnier, seeing the car wheel spinning heaps of mud into everyones faces and going deeper and deeper into the earth or the mental russian dude that walked over at a quick pace appearing to want to fight but then settling for peeing very close to or on Mikes stranded car!

The photo of Nick is a strange one. I guess this Italian restaurant were onto some next level brainstorming where they thought giving you a vibrating piece of plastic that buzzed when your food was ready was far more advanced than a waiter serving you, damn MS!


Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Happy New Year to anyone who reads this. Spent a bit of time in our nations capital shooting an interview with Valo’s Leon Humphries for an upcoming Be-Mag. Also Hung out with UK Nimh rider Matt Chilvers who’s grown a great beard since i last saw him, i also got to see Matt Watt whom i hadn’t seen for a life time who is making a new Skate video at the moment, to see more of his work check out I then carried on onto Folkstone to spend xmas down there.

Then more recently i just went down to Birmingham as good friend and old roomie Brian ‘Barno’ Barron came over from Dublin with Albert Hooi to stay with Si Cox, also another old roomie. The weather was painfully cold so not much productivity as far as photos but we did make this box edit.

In other photo news, my shot of Alex Broskow in London has been used for their recent DVD production ‘We Are Valo 3′.

Then also the 4×4 DVD Drip Drop has just come out,a team who’s videos set the standard for the future of skating whom i have been very lucky to shoot with on numerous occasions. Most recently Chris Farmer as he shot an interview for Kingdom Magazine, below is the trailer for the new video and some of the photos we ran in his interview.

4×4 Drip Drop

On a final note, i received a great bit of Spam mail on this blog recently, its so great that i thought i would share it with you all,