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Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Been a while….america is over and it was great, home for a short while then ive just returned from a quick trip to Sydney where i was visiting my brother and surprising my parents, worked a treat..tears ‘n all! Also joined the valo boys for a few days and then local rippers Rian Arnold and Cj wellsmore who are now living with Dom West and whom also skate with foreign import Richie Eisler!!! So Sydney really is the place to be! Managed to get some free shoes via Julio / Dion Anthony so that was a huge pull.. Got some shots for the conference out there and then also future issues of one magazine and be-mag.

Future news, going to the South of france for the Fise along with Ben Schwab, Billy O’neill, Jeff Dalnas and Nick lomax who will then come tour the UK so keep your ears to the ground to find out where we maybe shredding! Then the day after these guys leave i am shooting long time friend Paul Hardwicks wedding, so thats gonna be a blinder and then the day after that i am off to Germany for a powerslide sales meeting.

Below photos all with the marvelous iphone, what a gem for lazy people like me…

Too Faded?

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

The DVD’s finally arrived and as its an absolute banger, making it even more of a pleasure to be distributing this fine peice of blading mastery! Customs and parcel force held their grubby mitts onto them for a week too long but they are being unleashed onto the Uk as we speak, so if you would like a copy, which i very much think you should, get on over to the kingdom online store or your local shop.

Below are a few photos (featured in the dvd, the last photo is a GIF so give it a clicky click) taken whilst i was hanging out with Lonnie and Brandon in LA and SF.


Friday, February 20th, 2009

So the winterclash has come and gone, so i thought i’d best post a few photos of our travels which were further than anticipated. Despite the park burning down the event was still alot of fun and i highly advise Antwerp to anyone, great city and from what i gathered a great sense of fashion.I picked up some new cameras whilst there too, a supersampler by lomo and also a Diana F with a 35mm back. So all these alongside my holga, expect to see some beauties soon, most likely from my California to Idaho trip arriving VERY soon, in the words of biggie ‘im going going, back back, to Cali Cali’ and i can’t bloody wait!

That car you see is Mike Wellands, Joe Coyne being the lazy man he is thought he’d get as close to the outdoor park as he could, so he drove onto grass and quickly realised he was in some form of marsh land and was quickly sinking.

I don’t know what was funnier, seeing the car wheel spinning heaps of mud into everyones faces and going deeper and deeper into the earth or the mental russian dude that walked over at a quick pace appearing to want to fight but then settling for peeing very close to or on Mikes stranded car!

The photo of Nick is a strange one. I guess this Italian restaurant were onto some next level brainstorming where they thought giving you a vibrating piece of plastic that buzzed when your food was ready was far more advanced than a waiter serving you, damn MS!

Holga travels

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

So i’ve finally gotten round to re sizing some of my 120mm shots from the past 6 months. The majority below are from the trip i took to Tokyo with Bez and were shot with my Holga cam. Until i get an actual section on my site for these shots i will just keep blogging them.

It’s a style of photography that i’ve been growing on alot and although its getting pretty played out at the moment i just love its simplistic nature, it almost seems like it has endless possibilities in which i intend to try and exhaust. Its also nice not knowing what the result will be and the anticipation feeling i get is that similar to when i used to shoot film and develop my own stuff.

In other news, im off to Antwerp for this years Winterclash in February. Promises to be a great weekend so im looking forward to that and then come March i think im off to sun, sand, mexican food and great skatespots, otherwise known as California, can’t wait for that one!

Best add a skate shot to keep it ‘real’ too. Here’s Dirt Box’ Lee Mainland with a front farv to fakie in Bristol, a shot unused from his Kingdom miniview!

Let the chaos begin

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

so the next 2 weeks are pretty damn hectic. Gotta drive to liverpool in a few hours to pick up USD pro Nick Lomax, whos been living in the South of France for a while. Then head to the skatepark to set-up my exhibition for the slamm jamm this weekend.

Then tomorrow up at 8am to pick up the 3 american pro skaters (Demetrious George, Ben Schwab and Dominic Sagona) and one spanishy english dude named Oli Benet. Then our 2 week tour officially starts, we will be based around the North of England shooting as much as possible and then flying to Barcelona to do much of the same there, but not before i go to see Scotlands finest, Mogwai.

So be sure to check out and for updates, and possibly this blog. For now i will brighten this blog up with a shot from a recent trip to Tokyo….