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Let the chaos begin

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

so the next 2 weeks are pretty damn hectic. Gotta drive to liverpool in a few hours to pick up USD pro Nick Lomax, whos been living in the South of France for a while. Then head to the skatepark to set-up my exhibition for the slamm jamm this weekend.

Then tomorrow up at 8am to pick up the 3 american pro skaters (Demetrious George, Ben Schwab and Dominic Sagona) and one spanishy english dude named Oli Benet. Then our 2 week tour officially starts, we will be based around the North of England shooting as much as possible and then flying to Barcelona to do much of the same there, but not before i go to see Scotlands finest, Mogwai.

So be sure to check out and for updates, and possibly this blog. For now i will brighten this blog up with a shot from a recent trip to Tokyo….


Sunday, October 12th, 2008

so i finally have a website, had quite a few problems with the photos and the viewer i am using, it just wouldn’t display them the same as the original, so colours and levels are a tad off, but c’est la vie.

I don’t want this to be a like every other blog where ‘jonny random’ writes about how they feel on a daily basis, i mainly want to try and host important things that are happening within my photography, whether it be skating or anything else. I will also be putting some edits up, mainly behind the scenes vibes when im on a shoot and possibly some other gems to show off my scallywag talented freinds in whatever they do.

On a Final note, all get yourselves down to the Slamm Jamm this coming Friday and Saturday in Liverpool, as i have a small exhibition there, with some of my work and you will also get to see some lovely rollerblading stuntery.