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New Be-mag

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

So the new issue of be-mag has just hit the shelves, i have a few photos in this issue, a USD advert of Dominic and a sequence of Demetrios from when he was over for tour.

In other news i got some really nice holga photos back, did alot of experimenting with these and it turned out pretty cool, will upload them as soon as they have been published.

This week i also joined my old roomie Ben Shelbourne aka ‘Slick’ as he was filming Alex Burston for his upcoming video and for the first time ever i got numb fingers when trying to shoot, basically 5 paper weights for fingers, it was utter useless’ness, so i guess thats an indication of how the weather is right now, not much fun i can tell thee in comparison to 4 weeks ago shooting in sunny Spain.

On a final note, check out this band, i went to meet some friends on the random as i had been couped up in my house all day working, turned out there was a gig on upstairs so i gave it a whirl and my god was that a good decision to make, one of the coolest nights and gigs i been to. If they are ever playing near you, i HIGHLY recommend it, oodles of talent and energy for one family to have.


Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

So a little catch up after a pretty eventful/stressful 3 weeks. I got everyone for tour over the course of 2 days, once again immigration love to interview rollerbladers, so once again i was sat at the airports for hours and once again i had my regular chats to the immigration officer of the day. The unusual thing this time is that he knew who i was and it was more of a friendly chat asking if im still living at the same addesss and with my parents etc and was surprised at how many events there are for rollerblading.

Roll on the slamm jamm. Arrived to greet a large crowd and helped people set up all the various booths including the kingdom one in which we managed to show off a few of the new conference goods too, went down a treat, as did my mini exhibition in which i sold 4 of the 8 canvas’. What was even better news was my good friend Nick Lomax whom i spoke about in a previous post won the event, taking home a healthy sum of money.

Then we had the afterparty, being in Liverpool and from previous experiences it could only go one way…downhill. Many quotes were thrown but a memorable one was ‘get a wilkinson sword mate’. It did turn out to be a fun night besides the numerous fights people got into, well i can’t say fights, it was more strangers walking past and hitting people for no apparent reason.

On starts the actual tour, or more filming and shooting sessions, we stayed in Manchester the whole time and actually got quite a bit done, despite the rain and freezing conditions. Skating places like Stockport, Manchester, Leeds, Runcorn, chester, thinking about it we stayed in Chester one night after skating till around 1am then finding the Indian restaurant that Dominic was craving for so hard, we then managed to find a hotel with rooms at about 2am but then i was up at 6am to drive Lomax to Liverpool airport and then once back in Chester up at 11am to drive to Leeds, that was a wonderful day, haha.

I then dropped everyone off at the airport, once again more dilemmas, UK immigration wanted to check that the Americans had return tickets from Spain to the US, don’t see why its their problem, as we are leaving the UK, so i had to rush home and print out everyone’s travel itinerary’s, good job i live close to the airport AND have a printer. I then went to see my Mogwai gig, which was out of this world and i recommend anyone to go see them, its a pretty mind blowing experience.

Then came more waiting at airports, i got to bed late thursday/friday morning up at 5 to go to the airport, flight was delayed till 1.30pm, WAHEY! but i got there in the end and the catalonian land delivered, warm weather and sunshine. BCN was alot more productive and laid back, maybe because i wasn’t organising things, so i thank Oli Benet for this. I got to eat as much tortilla as i liked and hang out with good friend Enanoh and his fam., so Spain was wonderful.

Check out new issues of be-mag for a Ben Schwab and Dominic Sagona interview, one magazine, kingdom magazine to see the results of the tour. And also their relevant websites for random updates, and also Below are a few photos and behind the scenes stuff,