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in it for the kill 2

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

i came home early from tour to clear up a few work things before i rejoin them again tomorrow in Liverpool gearing up for the chaz sands invite. I also have some work in an exhibition over the next few days in liverpool, check the link to get more info.

Apres’ the land of orange tango’d faces we shall be touring the UK, so expect some banging pics, edits and appearances over the next week.

As for the past week its been a great one. Went to the legendary meal at Kato’s family home again, this year was better than ever, more than 40 of us, 8 courses to plough through including mussels, snails, squid, Alsations the lot…. it ended the weekend on a huge high to say the least! The fise was a huge success again with thousands loving the sight of skating, who woulda thought it eh?

Visited the forum in BCN, could it be the end??? Also visited the First ever skatepark built in Spain, around the late 1970′s it was also the largest, it was soon bought and built over with sand and mud ready to build upon, however the land became derelict and over the past year or so people have started digging up the earth to discover the park again. A great story and just look how deep they have to dig before they even get a glimpse at any coping or concrete.

Photos tell a thousand words, so i’ll end it here…some photos below of the xox shoot too.

In it For the Kill

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Arrived into Spain today for a week tour around barcelona and the south of france ( for the fise competition in Montpellier), in the words of Bob Marley “the sun is shining and the weather is sweet, yeah”

Last week was spent in London/Brighton having meetings for Powerslide. Yes all those boxes were filled with cool skate products, and yes i did have to carry it around London, and yes i did get some funny looks when on the tube, one man actually looked at me and darted for the door, unfortunetly for him it closed in his face..sucka, oh and yes i did have to carry it up all the stairs in the tube stations as the escalators were broke!

It was also Leon’s birthday, so we had a chilled BBQ in horsham on the way down to brighton. Joining us in the car was valo’s Elliot Steven’s, american apparel’s Al morris, Dirt-Box’ Neil Ingall and Alexander Mcqueens Agape Mdumulla! In convoy on our reserve team was northern exports from Agi and Neil’s degree in Manchester whom we’d randomly bumped into whilst breakfasting it up at Brick Lane were Leanne Hughes, Jess Smith and Nicola Bell.

In photography news, just finished a shoot for good friend and lil tom’s girlfriend Katie Webb, it was for her lookbook on her final collection.

I also had a photo in this weeks Gaurdian guide, but never knew about it, so if someone has a copy of Saturdays edition, please holla. I believe its from the shoot i did for Hannah Mort of XOX teen fanzine.

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Been a while….america is over and it was great, home for a short while then ive just returned from a quick trip to Sydney where i was visiting my brother and surprising my parents, worked a treat..tears ‘n all! Also joined the valo boys for a few days and then local rippers Rian Arnold and Cj wellsmore who are now living with Dom West and whom also skate with foreign import Richie Eisler!!! So Sydney really is the place to be! Managed to get some free shoes via Julio / Dion Anthony so that was a huge pull.. Got some shots for the conference out there and then also future issues of one magazine and be-mag.

Future news, going to the South of france for the Fise along with Ben Schwab, Billy O’neill, Jeff Dalnas and Nick lomax who will then come tour the UK so keep your ears to the ground to find out where we maybe shredding! Then the day after these guys leave i am shooting long time friend Paul Hardwicks wedding, so thats gonna be a blinder and then the day after that i am off to Germany for a powerslide sales meeting.

Below photos all with the marvelous iphone, what a gem for lazy people like me…