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winter wonderland

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

we have snow….!!!!! loads of it!

I saw photos from last year of brighton in the snow and it looked awesome, so ever since i moved i’ve been waiting for the day. Well it came and it was cold, very cold. Still the roomies and i fearced it and it was mega. I haven’t seen snow like it since i was in whistler in Canada some 12 years ago. I managed to get a few photos while everyone else got gnarly on geoffs skateboard deck. Check back for the touched up versions, as these have snow drops ALL over them, it was insane.

Previous to this we had also been getting some wicked sunsets, bunch of photos below…

Also the same week Sim warren was in town shooting a short about Brighton and its people, the link obviously being that they skate but its portraying a side to the individuals that people rarely see. It was all shot on sim’s new 7d and has come out really nice…