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Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

A quick post. Busy as ever, can’t be arsed writing much but below is what i’ve been upto..

celebrating xmas

finally getting round to shooting skate pics. Glorious weekend in london and got some shots of leon humphries

helped with the filming for the upcoming brighton festival for fat-sand productions, this included filming THE brian eno!!

boneyard jam in chester, conference cleaned up, a few clips are posted below, a real edit will be coming soon via LINE’s Ben Shelbourne.

new bemag came out, got a fair few shots in there, one from aussie land, one from San Diego and one from a UK conference tour. Also the back page USD ad featuring Hooi dawg.

Also set up a flickr account finally, was never keen on the site but it will allow me to get a few photos floating around the brighton scene which could possible lead to summit…