O’Neill + Stockwell UK

May 21st, 2010

Again….alots happened, will update properly soon with stuff i’ve been doing and things that have been published etc. For now Jeff Stockwell and Billy O’Neill are in the UK after an eventful trip to Turkey and a last minute booking to France.

We have been hanging out in Brighton, checking out new spots and skating old ones, also did a stop off at Crawley skatepark which had an amazing turnout and now we are about to head up to London for the weekend to see what the capital has to offer. Check back for more stories and photos of the happenings!

Spring time

March 26th, 2010

Again it’s been way to long since i last updated, so to save on the blabbering nonsense, i’m just gonna post some links and photos of whats been going on……

New ONE magazine came out – features 3 photos of mine, Nick Lomax in LA, Albert Hooi in Bristol, Jeff Stockwell in Brighton

New BE-MAG came out – features a few photos of mine, not seen it so can’t remember everything besides Rian Arnold photo shot in Sydney

New ROLLS issue due out soon – Rolls are a french magazine and are doing a little feature on Yorkshire lad Joe Atkinson, the knock back photos will be on Kingdom very soon..

Got sent a load of the new Dirt-Box clothes, make sure you go buy some, especially the pub pirate

I also went to Berlin for the Winterclash, mega trip just ALOT of snow and freezing cold. Highly recommend the IMA lofts as accommodation, one of the best places i’ve stayed at in a long time!

Then finally the Brighton Festival Trailer that i was the DP and camera man for on behalf of Fat-Sands has been released, check it out on the brighton festival website. Looks like it should be a good’n!


January 19th, 2010

A quick post. Busy as ever, can’t be arsed writing much but below is what i’ve been upto..

celebrating xmas

finally getting round to shooting skate pics. Glorious weekend in london and got some shots of leon humphries

helped with the filming for the upcoming brighton festival for fat-sand productions, this included filming THE brian eno!!

boneyard jam in chester, conference cleaned up, a few clips are posted below, a real edit will be coming soon via LINE’s Ben Shelbourne.

new bemag came out, got a fair few shots in there, one from aussie land, one from San Diego and one from a UK conference tour. Also the back page USD ad featuring Hooi dawg.

Also set up a flickr account finally, was never keen on the site but it will allow me to get a few photos floating around the brighton scene which could possible lead to summit…http://www.flickr.com/photos/adamkola/

winter wonderland

December 22nd, 2009

we have snow….!!!!! loads of it!

I saw photos from last year of brighton in the snow and it looked awesome, so ever since i moved i’ve been waiting for the day. Well it came and it was cold, very cold. Still the roomies and i fearced it and it was mega. I haven’t seen snow like it since i was in whistler in Canada some 12 years ago. I managed to get a few photos while everyone else got gnarly on geoffs skateboard deck. Check back for the touched up versions, as these have snow drops ALL over them, it was insane.

Previous to this we had also been getting some wicked sunsets, bunch of photos below…

Also the same week Sim warren was in town shooting a short about Brighton and its people, the link obviously being that they skate but its portraying a side to the individuals that people rarely see. It was all shot on sim’s new 7d and has come out really nice…

out to the world

November 27th, 2009

So my photo ended up being used on the cover of the new conference magazine along with a shed load of others, so go grab a free copy from your nearest skateshop to check that out!

Also made this quick little winterclash promo at the slamm jamm back in October and an ‘eyes on the prize’ UK tour edit…..enjoy. All filmed on my new toy, 5dmk2.

more natural wonders

November 8th, 2009

so following on from our amazing dried lake find, we moved onto an abandoned oil station, planted right in the middle of the hills were an abundance of things to be skated so long as you had your flat set up on the go. This place was very 28dayslater.co.uk to say the least,

Best naturally formed ramp ever??

November 4th, 2009

Now in LA where i witnessed one of the coolest spots i’ve ever seen. Thanks to Quinn Feldman who’s putting nick and i up for a few days while he films Nick for his upcoming online project “A chosen-few”, keep your eyes peeled for this as it’s going to be a lovely gem for our industry.

the road to WRS

November 2nd, 2009

some photos from the past week. Skated San Diego and then headed upto vegas for the WRS finals.

tour stories

October 20th, 2009

back in brighton after 5 days on the road, demetrios and nick fly out to cali tomorrow the rest of us leave on friday. The last 5 days have mainly consisted of..

many miles in the van

lots of vitamin water as we went to the warehouse

boardroom and the amazing skate stop courtesy of bornextreme.co.uk

slamm jamm buddz’ing

nervous over excited fans puking up outside of shop stops (true story)


english breakfasts

castle hunting

location finding for portraits

old school skateparks

EDIT TO COME SOON, filmed on my new canon 5d mark2!!!!!


September 30th, 2009

Been too long to even bother writing anything. But as per usual very busy and very hectic.

Xmas pre orders for the conference

Shooting and touching up photos for the new conference magazine…going to be incredible!

Lovely weekends in London as everyone have moved there

Enanoh over and shooting for two weeks

Demetrios George hospital visits and hanging out for two weeks

Picking up Stockwell and Farmdog tomorrow

Tour for 8 days in October

LA and vegas for 2 weeks the end of October