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West Coast trippin’

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Just booked some flights to head out to the US for a few weeks.

Friends of mine whom i have also done some promo shots for, the band ‘Esben and the Witch’ are on a whirlwind tour of the States as we speak in support of ‘Foals’ and i was lucky enough to be invited to cruise along for a little while.

So as well as traveling with them all the way upto Vancouver, Canada,  i shall be hitting up some buddies along the way to get a bit of skating done, firstly Stockwell who was featured in my last post, then upto SF for the Valo premiere and some good hangs with Carl Sturgess then i shall end the trip by grabbing shotgun with Erik Bailey back to his hometown of Boise, Idaho.

The below photo was shot in Brighton and was used for Esben’s promo to announce their signing to Matador Records,

Too Faded?

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

The DVD’s finally arrived and as its an absolute banger, making it even more of a pleasure to be distributing this fine peice of blading mastery! Customs and parcel force held their grubby mitts onto them for a week too long but they are being unleashed onto the Uk as we speak, so if you would like a copy, which i very much think you should, get on over to the kingdom online store or your local shop.

Below are a few photos (featured in the dvd, the last photo is a GIF so give it a clicky click) taken whilst i was hanging out with Lonnie and Brandon in LA and SF.